Everybody in his lifetime faces with trouble in sleeping . This is a normal phenomena , but if the sleep problems are prolonged or in regular occurrence then it is said to that the person may be suffering from a sleep disorder .

Sleep disorders can be manifested as an inability to sleep , daytime sleepiness , abnormal movements or behaviour during sleep or an inability to sleep at the appropriate time .

Sleeping well is essential for your physical , mental and emotional well being .

Ignoring sleep problems can lead to the impairment of health , can have a negative impact on your energy , emotional balance , efficiency , mood and ability to handle stress .

If you want to feel your best , stay healthy and perform up to your potential then proper sleep is very essential .

Sleep generally relaxes the body and the mind , removes stress and gives proper rest to the body . In this way it re-enerzises the whole body .




 -          Insomania : It is the most common sleep disorder in which the person suffers from lack of sleep . It is often a symptom of another disease such as stress , anxiety , depression , etc .


 -          Sleep apnea : It is a common sleep disorder in which the person suffers from breathing difficulty . Breathing temporarily stops during sleep due to blockage of the upper respiratory tract .


-          Restlessness leg syndrome (R.L.S) :      It is a sleep disorder that causes an almost irresistible urge to move your legs or arms in the sleep .


 -          Narcolepsy  :   It is excessive or uncontrollable daytime sleepiness . Here , the person sleeps in the middle of talking , working or even driving .





  • Irritability


  • Sleepy during the day


  • Very tired feeling always


  • Difficulty falling asleep at night


  • Loud chronic snoring


  • Frequent shortness of breath during sleep , chest pains , headaches , nasal congestion or a dry throat


  • Strong urge to move legs and arms in the sleep


  • Cramping and jerking of the legs during sleep


  • Sleep attacks while in the middle of conversation , working or driving .





       -          Medical causes affecting sleep : Asthma , Heart disease , Peptic ulcer , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Rheumatic disorders .


       -          Neurological disorders :   Stroke , headache , neuro muscular disorders .



-          Psychiatric disorders :   Stress , Depression , Anxiety and panic .


 -          Any sort of chronic pains may also impair sleep.


 -          Intake of excessive coffee , tea and chocolate can also prevent sleep .


 -          Cigarette smoking and intake of alcohol too late in evening .


 -          Some stimulant drugs like antidepressants may also affect the sleep .


 -          Other causes :  Noise , uncomfortable bed , ventilation  can negatively affect the sleep .





 -          Keep the regular sleep schedule .


-          Bedroom should be cool , quiet and dark .


-          Avoid smoking too late in the evening .


-          Intake of Alcohol , tea , coffee or any other stimulants should be minimized .


-          Eating dinner late at night will stop you from sleeping .


-          Take warm bath just before bedtime .


-          Listen to relaxing music while going to bed for sleep .


-          Pain can make it difficult to sleep . So, medicines for pain relief should be taken .


-          Losing some weight especially around neck area helps in person suffering from Sleep Apnea .


-          Yoga and some relaxing exercises helps the body to relax .


-          Meditation : Helps the person’s mind to relax and give internal peace .  


New research on obesity

Is Your DNA Fit ?

What ,how much we eat and what are their effects depend upon

our DNA. Many person pursuing weight loss program frequently

think that their weight is not decreasing in-spite of taking right diet.

While some person are fit eating their favorite food. This difference

depends upon the quality of genes. It has concrete reasons. The

calories received from vitamin A ,B ,B-12 ,C ,Folic acid and

carbohydrates depends upon genes.

Recent study on 1500 people shows that the weight of nearly 30%

people increased within 2-3 months after leaving gym whereas 5%

people are not able to lose more than 10 pounds even after 12 months

going to the gym.

                        Some Important Information About Genes

CG and GG PPAR  gene are bio-marker of genotype which are

responsible for increasing weight gain.

FABP2 controls fats so it is beneficial in more quantity.

AG and GG are measure for HDL and good cholestrol. Above research

was done under heritage family study.

EDN1 gene is responsible for increase in tension and blood pressure.

It is classified under GG gene type.

How is workout and diet chart prepared ?

In genetic testing nutrients from  vitamin A ,B , E ,B-12 ,Folic acid ,omega-3and
B-6 is mapped. For example B-12 ,also known as riboflavin gene MTHFR level is low. The
diets suggested to these type of people are milk ,beans ,green vegetables and milk products.

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which helps permanently  for people of all types of genes to lose weight.

Sweets Craving ,Eating Disorder and Bio-Rhythm

Another major obstacles in losing weight are eating disorder and

cravings for sweets. Dr. B. Choudhary of India conducted a research on the relationship

between bio-rhythm ,cravings and eating disorders of a person. He found that

knowing one’s bio-rhythm a person can easily get rid of his problems of his eating

disorders and cravings.  He further explained that the concept of bio-rhythm

is mainly based on three major cycles. The cycle of physical body completes

in 23 days ,emotional cycle completes in 28 days and intellectual cycle

completes in 33 days. The interdependence of cycles with each other

decides our mood factors. If we become aware of these factors

it becomes easy to curb all types of cravings and eating disorders.

Dr. B. Choudhary successfully created a program for weight loss known

as     FAT KILLER SHOTGUN+  for all types of person with different genes and eating disorders

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